I like Field Notes. A lot. They’re probably one of my favorite things. I always have one in my back pocket, ready to collect thoughts - any thoughts: good, bad, smart, dumb, worthwhile, worthless, something that I’ll reflect back on or never look at again. There’s some loose todo-ing, daily planning, weekly planning, long term planning.

I keep these things after they’ve been used, whether or not I’ll ever look back at them (I always do), whether they’ve been beat to shit or just barely used. To date, I’ve only lost one notebook, and I’m devastated.

I probably have too many of these waiting to be used. I’m a devout Colors Subscriber, and pretty much always find and pick up the one-off, limited and weird editions. I like them all.

Anyways, I figured I’d try to rank these in terms of my most favorite. Going to limit it to top 5 (at least at first) to keep some sanity. This is a hard task, and will be frequently/infrequently updated as I see fit.

Colors Editions

(Preamble: I’ve limited these to Colors Editions that I own. I started my Colors Subscription with Cold Horizon, and have backfilled Drink Local, Night Sky, and America The Beautiful (thanks Kat!!)).

  1. Drink Local
  2. America the Beautiful
  3. Night Sky
  4. National Parks
  5. 3 Missions

Special Editions

(After M x L x B x D, really these could almost go in any order. Doing my best to power rank here, but these will be the most volatile I think.)

  1. M x L x B x D
  2. XOXO 2018
  3. Factory Floor (all variants)
  4. James Brand
  5. Wilco

Kat’s Top 5 (bonus rankings!)

(Includes Colors & Special Editions)

  1. Unexposed
  2. Field Museum
  3. Cold Horizons
  4. Nixon
  5. National Parks