Yesterday was the first day I commuted to work by bicycle in Chicago. I’ve ridden for fun on the lake shore path plenty of times, but never as a method of commute.

Thankfully, the ride was relatively uneventful. My route was: west on Grand, jog down Kingsbury to continue west on Kinzie, south on Clinton and then a block east on Jackson and boom I’m at work. And then at the end of the day flip that around and I’m back home. It’s only 2.6 miles each way, but that’s long enough to get a bit of a workout, and a bit of sweat going (need to get that gym membership at work so I can use the showers there).

The evening ride was busier - more bicyclists, and more cars willing block the bike lane. I guess people are more in a rush to get home.

I definitely plan on bicycling to work more, it’s about the same amount of time as taking the bus, it’s a light workout and it’s fun. I imagine it will get easier and quicker as I get more used to it.