I haven’t been much of a code folder, at least not since starting to write ruby. Idiomatic ruby encourages small files and methods, so often code folding doesn’t make all that much of a difference.

However, lately I’ve been looking at a lot of code that I didn’t write; and trying to understand the flow of the code. To to this, I’ve been looking just at the method calls, and not worrying at all about the implementation. Code folding hides all those pesky details, so I can’t get distracted by what’s inside and can instead focus on the messages the classes are sending.

The issue I have is I don’t like the default fold/unfold shortcuts in SublimeText. Command + Option + [ to fold and Command + Option + ] to unfold forces me to twist my fingers in yet another configuration, and a missed key can lead to changing the indentation of the line instead of folding the block.

Instead, I’ve decided to remap fold to Command + K, [, and unfold to Command+ K, ]. I kind of stole inspiration from the vim ‘leader’ key, where Command + K is my leader, and indicates whatever comes after is a command. A more modal approach, if you will.

Here’s the relevant code snippet, and you can see all my Sublime keybindings here

  { "keys": ["command+k", "["], "command": "fold" },
  { "keys": ["command+k", "]"], "command": "unfold"},