Last Thursday Kat and I went to the National Parks Edition launch party @ Field Notes HQ - it was awesome.

In the library, I saw these vintage memo books on the bookshelf and coffee table:

Dekalb et al 3 memo books on the bookshelf

Baughs This one was on the coffee table

Important dates from Dekalb Memo Book Some important dates from the Dekalb memo book

These are so neat - exactly what Aaron Draplin talks about in From Seed (actually, I’m pretty sure the Dekalb makes an appearance in the video). These are what inspired Field Notes, and you can really see it when flipping through these. With Field Notes, every detail is considered, and they really captured the spirit of these old memo books. I’ve always wanted to get a chance to see some of these in person, and it was just as cool as I had hoped it would be.