I usually post a recap picture of all the Field Notes that I’ve used over the past year on instagram. Felt like writing a bit about them this year so figured this would be the better medium for this.

I still use these things daily, and would feel lost without them. I just don’t think anything else comes close to capturing thoughts, feelings, ideas, todos. I never go anywhere without one.

I think this marks the first full year without an active Colors subscription. I still feel slightly guilty about canceling that, like I don’t believe in Field Notes anymore, but I have so many unused notebooks, and I still managed to buy some new ones anyway this year. I’ve got a runway of years before I run out.

Anyways, here they are in all their glory:

Here are some random stats:

  • Favorite of 2022: Empty Bottle
  • Least favorite of 2022: Pitch Black (though I love the No Bones Day sticker)
  • Average time to fill: 41.75 days
  • Fastest to fill: 32 days (Green Wednesday)
  • Slowest to fill: 49 days (XOXO 2018)