A lot of Kat’s vloggers do monthly edits to focus or showcase some products. She suggested I do the same with my stationery. I have a lot of (too many) pens, so a monthly selection of a few might help me 1.) go through and finish some off and 2.) better identify which are my real favorites in an attempt to tame the herd.

The Vessel

Sinclair on the window ledge A look inside the fuzzy Sinclair

I just picked up a Rickshaw Sinclair. It’s nice, a good size to hold a couple of pens, but not too many. Gotta keep it curated. I can also throw a Field Notes in here for safekeeping (if I don’t want it in my back pocket).

Uni Signo UM-151 - Black

0.38mm, black ink. I’ve had this pen forever, and it’s almost at it’s end. The goal was to finish this off and be done with it, but I bought a 0.5mm blue refill, so it will live on.

Pentel Sign Pen - Blue

I use this a lot for headers in notebooks and for marking days I work out on my calendar. Useful. Also had this one for a while, I thought it was almost out a bit ago and bought a replacement, but this one keeps kickin ¯\(ツ)/¯.

Lamy Safari - 1.1

Filled with Montblanc 90th Anniversary Permanent Grey. I didn’t like this ink at first - it felt too light, but either it’s gotten darker over time or my tastes have changed. I really like it now. Looks better out of a wider nib like this 1.1 stub.

Muji Pen - Blue-Black

I don’t know how I feel about this pen. It’s nice, it writes smoothly and the color is nice, but I think it’s too lightweight for me. Not quite on the same level as Uni pens for me.

So yeah, that’s it. Not sure if this will be a monthly cadence or what, we’ll see as we go.

The loadout next to a trusty Field Notes

Writing samples of the pens