I read a lot on the internet. Via RSS, preferably. Some things are memorable, some not. I’m testing out using a link blog to highlight the best of what I read. Maybe for others to find, maybe just for me to back to. Time will tell.

  • DHH’s rails world keynote - DHH is super polarizing, and I don’t often agree with him. But this keynote really made me excited to write Rails.

  • git absorb - The thing that always holds me back from using fixups is that I need to know the sha of the commit i wanna fixup. This solves that problem and makes fixups a breeze.

  • LLVM is Smarter than Me - I don’t know much about compilers, but it was really neat to see an optimization for sum using Gauss’ Summation technique.

  • Phone Home - I spend too much time on my phone. I like this idea of keeping your phone off your person to reduce distraction. I think the Apple Watch will make it easier to keep the phone away but still receive “critical” notifications.