Here’s the annual recap of all the Field Notes that I’ve used over the past year. I prefer using this space to post, and I’m still mostly off instagram anyways.

I didn’t buy any new Field Notes for most of the year…that is, until FN HQ reopened for the launch party of the Heartland edition. Then the floodgates opened.

Anywho, here they are in their resplendent glory:

2023 Field Notes

Some random stats:

  • Total used: 9
  • Favorite of 2023: Kraft with Hashrocket sticker
  • Average time to fill: 43.75
  • Slowest to fill: 49 days (Pitch Black) (hey, that’s the same as last year!)
  • Fastest to fill: 40 days (US of Letterpress)
  • Farthest traveling: Pitch Black with TIL sticker (it went to France!)